Useful Links

Dragon Realms
The online multi-player game around which this web site is focused.  A very fun and addictive game based on medieval reference, D&D type games and fantasy.

The Wolf's Den
Excellent overall site for Dragon Realms adventurers, one of the oldest I can think of. Not sure if it is still being updated, and looks like the free-hosting adds are pretty prolific, but still a good place to look for info.

Ranik's Maps
Nice set of maps, including all Estate Holder areas.  High graphic content (fonts, color & clip art) make these maps nice to look at.  Color coding of rooms also makes some city rooms easier to locate. This site has also been turned into a wiki, so provides lots of extra information about the areas mapped.

Aveda's Forfedhdar hunting area maps
Great set of maps for those hard-to-reach P5 areas. Props for not only making some nice maps to use, but the bravery needed to get into some of these places! meep!

Empathic Alliance
Listing of empaths that can perform shifting alterations on your character and the full list of options available.  Also a group dedicated to field empaths.

Fillia's Food
Excellent collection of Elanthian foods and drinks.

Skill Calculators at Olwydd's
Calculators, stats, guides, lots of information for all the guilds.  Very useful! - Famous Faces Profiles
A great collection of GMPC profiles that are useful to everyone interested in events, shop keepers, merchants, etc.

origami calculator (formerly on Veii's Veranda)
A great program that will help you figure out which origami pattern is right for your skills.

Dewsong's Instrument Difficulty listing
A hard task to sort out, this Bard has started a list of the instruments found in Elanthia and their relative difficulty to each other.  Extra useful!

Kraelyst & Nabihle's Ship Information
Really useful site for DR ship owners, scripts, information, links.

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