September 2019 - After the Guild Festival this summer, I did spend a little time updating the Theren maps. And finally in progress are those Ratha maps, yey!

Note that in 2019, it is my intention to migrate the alchemy information I have documented over to Elanthipedia. Then, I will be putting the alchemy section into a hold, leaving what I have up but with extensive crosslinking to the correct pages there.
The alchemy & herbs sections contains information on locations to buy and forage herbs. Comprehensive herb locations can be found on the foraging database over at Olwydd's as well as on the individual herb pages at Elanthipedia. The water location page will still be updated unless we find we can no longer use natural water sources. Old alchemy system notes have been archived.

The  misc section has links and anything else that doesn't fit under maps, herbs or alchemy, including Elanthian Flowers page. I have also begun migrating the flowers page over to Elanthipedia, and have stopped updating my flower page here.

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last update by Kythryn Silverspruce was on September 29th, 2019.

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