Herbs - Foraging Patterns

On these notes, ‘always’ means every time you look, ‘often’ means that it’s with enough frequency to notice, but not always going to happen.  These are all open to change too, so check back...heh. As of August 2009, I'm not updating this page although I hope to revisit it down the road. Too much else to do right now! I do believe the information here is still as accurate as it was when originally posted however, and can be used as a rule of thumb when checking for grouped items.

  • nuloe stem and nilos grass are often found together and found in rocky, sparse terrain.  Often also found with moss or green moss
  • eghmok moss is found in rocky terrain (not sure yet what is different from the nilos/nuloe terrain, but speculate it is rocky but with moisture)
  • muljin sap is found in slightly marsh-like/wetland conditions
  • sufil sap is found in wet, sunny terrain.  Difference from muljin might be ‘fresh water’ as opposed to stagnant or dirty?
  • jadice pollen and jadice flower often found together
  • cebi root and jadice pollen are often found together
  • cebi root often found where yelith and/or nemoih roots are
  • root and tree root always found together
  • all 3 types of ‘wood’ always found together (ie. branch, limb and stick)
  • all 3 roses are often found together (rose, white rose, red rose)
  • blueberries and strawberries always found together, and often found with either taffleberries or gooseberries
  • almonds are often found where walnut woods and teak woods are foraged
  • all shell types found together (except phelim shell)
  • stick and twig always found together
  • limb and log always found together
  • lemon and jasmine blossom always found together
  • red flower and blue flower always found together
  • briarberries and briarberry root always found together
  • wild carrot and turnips often found together
Group of herbs found Location
r. leaf, g. grass, d. blossom  
r. leaf, g. grass, b. berries, d. blossom, almond -Shard Ranger guild, west of Tomma

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