Kythryn's List of Charms

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a menacing adan'f mage charm none
a silver arrow charm none
a tiny gold arrow charm Elemental - Tailwind
a pale grey avaes owl charm with sparkling diamond eyes Moon - Clear Vision Fest?
a bronze bolt charm none
A bronze breastplate charm none
A silver broadsword charm None
a tiny silver caravan charm none
an indakar-eyed cat charm Holy - PFE
an articulated asketine catfish charm Life - Compost worn, Eluned feast
a gnarled amber cebi root charm none
a gold-etched contract charm none
an amber cougar charm none
a gilded crate charm none
an ironwood crossbow charm none
a dark topaz charm none look verb, Eluned feast
a copper-edged dokora charm none
a fragile glass dolphin charm Elemental - Rising Mists
A painted wood drum charm none
an oak dryad charm none
a silver Empath charm Life - Raise Power
A ruby and gold falchion charm none
a crystal fife charm none
a gold enameled fire sprite charm none
an open golden hand charm none
A gold-stringed harp charm none
a faceted ruby heart charm none
an amethyst jadice flower charm none
a gold-swirled kronar charm none
a skeletal asketine-veined leaf charm Life - Compost
a tiny crystal lens charm Lunar - Clear Vision
a silver-edged lirum charm none
a silver lock charm none
a tin-plated lockpick charm none
an ebony longbow charm none
A silver lute charm none
a painted wood mermaid charm none
an opal mule charm none
a driftwood nixie charm none
a turquoise nyad charm none
a gold ox-yoke charm none
a tiny ruby phoenix charm none
a dainty silver plovik leaf charm none
a delicate gold ring charm none
a polished jade riolur leaf charm none
a dark grey rock troll charm none
a carved ivory rope charm none
a jasper selkie charm none
a platinum shield charm none
a fuzzy brown skin charm none
a porcelain song scroll charm none
a brass stein charm none quest,  Stamnia
a sparkling gold sunburst charm Lunar - Dazzle
an azurite Thief charm Lunar - Shadows
a silver welkin charm none
an emerald wood troll charm none
a carved jasper wren charm none
a blown-glass dagger charm Thief day?
a white jade charm (Etched into the white jade of the charm is the image of Phelim tenderly holding a baby nightingale as he fills the night with the sweetness of stars and happy dreams.
Written upon it are the words, "Little one, fear not the darkness. The god of nightsong and dreams protect thee.")
a blown-glass master's lockpick charm (Detailed in miniature, this master's lockpick could almost be mistaken for a real one.)
a small wire oyster charm Theren Fest
an indakar wren charm, Holy - PFE Ratha magic shop
a zengalmi bullwhip charm Elemental Gar Zeng (verify) Ratha magic shop
a tricolored moonstone charm
a silver book charm Quest

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